September 6

Busting 5 Myths About Visitor Management

The shift from paper to digital is still in full swing and as it continues, processes you might not have considered are beginning to change. Visitor management is one of these processes and, as incidents that force organizations to re-evaluate their needs continue to occur, the question of whether a visitor management system is necessary is a greatly debated one.

Understandably, there is plenty of misinformation out there that can be deceiving and downright wrong. This list aims to clear up the confusion and bust the top five myths About visitor management.

MYTH #1: The cost of  a visitor management system is too high

TRUTH: When compared to paper visitor books, anything more may seem like an unnecessary expense. In reality, visitor management systems range in cost, meaning that just about every type or size of business, even small ones, can afford a reliable solution. Not only are many systems affordable, but they work to save you money and resources in the long term. Ultimately, the question comes down to how much you value things like security, productivity and effectiveness and how they can positively affect your bottom line.

MYTH #2: Your organization is too small for a visitor management system

TRUTH: While you may think your small business isn’t quite big enough for a visitor management system, the truth is that businesses of all sizes can benefit. Just because your office or workplace doesn’t see dozens of guests every day doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from increased security or a streamlined sign-in process. In fact, implementing a modern visitor management system can have a lasting impression on guests and potential clients that will help you compete with the big guys.

MYTH #3: All visitor management systems offer the same functionality

TRUTH: Not all businesses require the same level of functionality when it comes to visitor management, which is why there are plenty of systems that are flexible enough for even the smallest. There is no “one size fits all” philosophy for visitor management and truthfully, not every business will need the most advanced technology. Businesses can start small and upgrade as their needs change. Purchasing criteria for a sign-in system is not going to be the same across the board for every business — they’re designed to work for you, whether that’s big or small, so it’s best for you to define your current challenges and needs.

MYTH #4: Visitor management systems require complex installation and maintenance

TRUTH: Installation of a visitor management system may be more involved than simply setting out a paper visitor book for sign-ins but, as far as modern technology goes, it’s a fairly simple and straightforward solution that can save time and money, even when accounting for the installation process. System providers may offer full installation and training, or it may be an out-of-the-box solution which is pretty much plug and play. After installation, little maintenance is required – apart from replacing print rolls if you choose to have an ID badge printer. Most providers offer a support plan so that if an error occurs, this will be resolved quickly by their team. There’s often a pack of online resources too – from FAQs to video tutorials.

MYTH #5: Paper logbooks are just as effective as a visitor management system

TRUTH: While it’s true that both perform the same function to some degree, if your goal is to streamline the visitor management process and increase productivity, a visitor management system is a much more effective choice. Especially with the implementation of General Data Protection Regulation, a digital system is much more secure, adaptable and far more transparent than a paper visitor book. A digital sign-in system guarantees compliance with the legislation, and is by far the easiest choice for organisations – just think about having to guarantee that a certain piece of data is wiped securely.

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By now, these five myths about visitor management should hopefully be completely busted. Not only do visitor management systems offer a level of ease and security that a simple visitor log can’t, they increase productivity and don’t waste time and resources. In fact, they have the ability to offset some of those costs.

Whether you’re business is big or small, there’s a visitor management system that is flexible enough to suite your needs. VisiPoint offers a range of products and services that can be tailored to your business centre to make reception and visitor management as smooth as possible.

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