August 18

Paper vs Digital Visitor Management; The Verdict

From paper visitor tracking to automated visitor management systems, the process of visitor management has evolved to a great extent. And the reasons to the evolution are obvious – ease of use, better security, cost saving and a lot more. With an ever-growing demand for the highly advanced and digital visitor management systems in the UK, we continue to see an increase in the use of highly advanced systems for better security and access control.

Traditional visitor management

Traditionally, visitor management would involve using sign-in books where the receptionist would maintain the record of visitors. When a visitor arrived, they wrote their details in the book along with standard information such as time of arrival and departure. Although it was an effective system for a time, ultimately data storage and security was the main downfall with the sign-in sheet ultimately filed away and eventually destroyed.

Technology development & visitor management

However, because we are living in a highly advanced world, using the technically advanced system to track visitors is a great choice in comparison to the traditional methods. The use of digital visitor management system not only cuts down on errors, but also allows the businesses to record more information than ever before and the information is safer in terms of data management. It also frees up reception staff to complete other tasks.

The benefits of digital visitor management

Upgrading to the latest technology of digital visitor management system brings with it various benefits including:

Speeding up sign-in time as the visitors are allowed to have access with specific ID cards that include all their information like, name, purpose to visit and also track the time of their entry and exit.

More detailed reporting is another benefit of using the technology as you have access to the detailed information that is stored in a master computer and can be accessed whenever required.

Pre-booking of visitors may be a secret, yet effective benefit of this technology as you need not to issue ID cards to each visitor every time they visit. This system will remember them and allow access automatically.

More security is assured with the technology as you know that only authorised people are having access to the right areas and at specific time.

Cost saving, as mentioned above, is sure to be kept in mind. For your business this may mean a cut back in recurring admin costs, or a reduction in staffing costs if you operate an unmanned reception in a managed office space for example.

Digital visitor management systems are becoming widely adopted in the UK, for the above reasons.  As the technology is adopted, more functionality is developed including integration with RFID door access cards and management systems, making the whole process of access and entering more streamlined and efficient.


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