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5 Reasons a Visitor Management System is the Ideal Business Centre Office Solution


When it comes to looking for business centre office solutions, it’s important you invest in solutions that actively make your business centre better.

If you’re business centre still uses conventional sign-in books you’re losing out on so many features and savings. A visitor management system’s user-friendly visitor sign-in process, secure data storage and comprehensive management dashboard can save you time and resources that you can spend on more pressing concerns.

So, without further ado, here are 5 reasons why a visitor management system is the ideal business centre office solution.

1. A warm welcome for your guests

It’s so important when dealing with guests that you make the best possible first impression. That’s why you need a system that can help you give you guests a warm welcome.

Let’s say, for example, you’ve got a guest coming to see you, and you’ve arranged a rough timeframe in which they’ll arrive. You *could* wait around at reception for them to arrive, or you could make life easier for yourself.

From your visitor management dashboard can send your guest an email allowing them to pre-register for the meeting so they can sign in within seconds once they arrive. When they sign in, you’ll receive a notification that they have arrived on site. You can then go and greet them in person.

By cutting out the need to hang around at reception waiting for your guest, you’re freeing up more time in your day to get things done!

2. Keep track of multiple entrances

What if your business centre has multiple entrances and exits that you need to keep track of? We’ve got you covered.

VisiPoint units can be installed at as many entrances across your business centre as you need, and they all sync up together! Your visitor data from all of your entrances and exits is accessible through a central management dashboard, which you can access from any browser-enabled device including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

This is particularly valuable should the worst happen and you needed to evacuate your premises. Using the management dashboard you can quickly and easy generate a list of everyone on site, no matter where they entered the building. This lets you quickly perform a roll-call and ensure everyone is accounted for. VisiPoint really is the perfect business centre office solution for keeping track of multiple entrances.

3. Multi-site management

But what about business centres that have not just multiple entrances but multiple buildings, too? Well, there’s also a solution to that.

In the same way that VisiPoint units deployed at multiple entrances all sync sign-in data to a central management dashboard, they can also sync data recorded at multiple locations.

So, even if business centre is located across multiple sites, you can keep track of all visitor data across all of these sites from anywhere.

4. Never let your guests get lost again

Navigating a large business centre can be problematic, especially if you’re a new visitor. This issue is compounded if there are no wayfinding solutions in place. Thankfully, VisiPoint has a solution to this!

Let’s say you’re expecting a guest, and it’s their first visit. VisiPoint’s dashboard you can send your guest an email before they arrive containing the route to their destination. This prevents your guests from getting lost and wasting their time trying to find their destination.

5. Co-working made easy

If you operate a co-working office space, you’re almost definitely aware of the problems of having a constant flow of people coming in and out of your space.

Co-working offices tend to attract independent contractors, freelancers and entrepreneurs. Usually workers will not be employed by the same company.  It’s almost impossible to predict exactly who will be visiting your office, and when they’ll arrive. This can cause a significant headache when it comes to managing visitors.

Keeping track of such a disparate group of people can be difficult without a central management system to keep track of them all. With VisiPoint you can see exactly who is coming and going in your co-working office space.


This is by no means a comprehensive list of every reason a visitor management is a one of the best business centre office solutions available, but we hope you now have a more informed idea of the effectiveness of a visitor management system in a business centre.

If you’re looking for a visitor management system that can save you time and resources, while simultaneously making your business centre more efficient, Get in touch with VisiPoint. We’re experts in the visitor management field, and we’d be delighted to give you a demo of our innovative solutions.


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