November 17

Sunderland Council upgrades reception at flagship Business Centres


When it comes to running a reception at a business centre, you have to deal wth so many potential issues. From visitor registration to tracking absences and managing guests, you need a visitor management system in place that offers a solution to all of these. Business centre reception staff deal with even more potental problems, due to the large number of people that come in and out of the premises over the course of each day.

Sunderland City Council approached us to solve different problems at two of its flagship business centres – Sunderland Software Centre and Washington Business Centre. We had one solution to conquer both business centre problems: VisiPoint.

Sunderland Software Centre

Sunderland Software Centre was dealing with a problem common among business centres – a huge influx of people coming in and out of the premises throughout the day which were hard to manage. This a multi-tenanted workspace that attracts a vast amount of visitors for meetings & conferences on a daily basis.

The primary objective of this installation was to improve service across the business centre. Management were keen to provide a higher level of service to tenants, staff, visitors and contractors without increasing the running costs of the front desk.

Their other objective was to improve their data-gathering capabilites. They needed a solution that allowed them to capture, store, manage and analyse the data of the many visitors they receive, which will enable them to market their offering at a later date.

Sunderland Software Centre VisiPoint Kiosk

We implemented a solution that allowed Sunderland Software Centre to manage their reception more effectively.

Firstly, our innovative visitor management solution allows reception staff to deal with the number of incoming visitors far more effectively. Instead of signing in using a paper visitor book, visitors, staff and contractors can now sign in quickly and easily themselves using an ID card. Not only does this allow staff, visitors and contractors to get back to their day quickly instead of spending a long time signing in, reception staff also save a huge amount of time that was previously spent dealing with visitors signing in.

Our solution also allowed management staff to gain a better grasp on the data they collect from vstors. Using VisiPoint’s management dashboard, they are able to analyse and segment ther visitor data in order to better target their services to their visitors. The management dashboard also gives them up-to-date reports on staff, contractor and visitor sign-in times and allows them to generate evacuation lists in the event of an emergency.

Washington Business Centre

Lke Sunderland Software Centre, Washington Business Centre is a multi-tenant ste that deals with a large influx of people coming in and out. The business centre is designed as contemporary accommodation for businesses that require a flexible, ergonomic and professional work space. As such, they required a visitor management solution that matched this design.

Sunderland Council were keen to save money with their investment in a visitor management system, and were also acutely aware of the need to maintain the same excellent level of service they had always provided to their tenants.

The answer to these requirements was a fully-automated, unmanned vistor management solution. However, they still needed to manage tenants and visitors who use the work space. This could be overseen through the online dashboard which gives real-time data to management.

Washington Business Centre VisiPoint Kiosk

The installation of a VisiPoint Kiosk at Washington Business Centre’s reception has provided the centre with a great new way to provide the same levels of exceptional service they always have, while reducing running costs and improving efficiency.

“We have multiple tenants in the building that need our attention. VisiPoint presented us with a way to successfully operate an unmanned reception” – Washington Business Centre

Looking for a visitor management solution that can make you business centre reception more efficient and welcoming, while also making savngs on running costs and other resources, look no further than VisiPoint. Get in touch with our expert team today to book a free demonstration


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