July 23

New Product Launch: VisiPoint 10-Inch Tablet


Introducing the newest addition to the VisiPoint visitor management system family: the VisiPoint 10-inch tablet.

The VisiPoint 10-inch offers the same seamless user experience as our flagship tablet and kiosk models, and can be paired with our professional plan for more budget-conscious organisations or our Entreprise plan for comprehensive visitor and reception management.

Compact visitor management solution, packed full of features

The VisiPoint 10″ tablet comes with all of the features you’d expect from an industry-leading visitor management system for those on a budget.

If you opt for the VisiPoint 10-inch tablet, you’ll benefit from all the core features of our visitor management software:

  • Quick visitor, staff, student, and contractor sign-in
  • Custom logo branding on your device interface
  • Management dashboard with comprehensive reports
  • Email notifications to staff when a visitor signs in
  • Visitor pre-registration, allowing visitors to pre-register their information and sign-in with a QR code on their phone when they arrive
  • Secure cloud data storage and GDPR-compliant processes
  • Live evacuation reports of everyone on site, accessible on any browser-enabled device

For our education customers, you also have the option of integrating with your management information system (MIS) including Capita SIMS, Tribal, Wonde and more.

VisiPoint 10-inch tablet specifications

  • WiFi & Ethernet connectivity
  • Bright, responsive 10.1″ touch-screen
  • Built-in HD camera
  • RFID reader
  • Fully DDA compliant

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Looking for more from your visitor sign-in system?

You can choose to pair our 10″ model with our Enterprise plan for more advanced functionality including:

  • Advanced reports and timesheets
  • Integrate with Microsoft and Google calendars
  • Events, groups and club sign-in

With our Enterprise plan you can also choose to add on our advanced features  including interactive wayfinding maps, staff and building directory and staff induction.

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Class sign-in made easy

The tablet is perfect for both primary and secondary points of entry, and also as a class check-in display.

Position a VisiPoint 10″ tablet outside each room on your premises to enable your students and staff to check in and out for each of their lessons. All check-in information is linked back to your central information management system, so you can quickly and easily keep track of student behaviour.

As well as student check-in, members of staff, contractors, delegates and other stakeholders can also seamlessly check in and out of rooms on campus.

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The VisiPoint 10-inch tablet is supplied with your choice of desk stand or wall-mount, and comes ready for use straight from the box.

Book a demo of the VisiPoint 10″ tablet here. Or call us on +44 (0) 191 341 0016 and arrange your demo at a time and place that suits you!



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