November 17

What Management Information System Does Your School Use?


VisiPoint integrates seamlessly with the most popular school management information systems (MIS).

Logos of the different MIS software that VisiPoint integrates with
Examples of MIS systems that VisiPoint integrates with

This exciting feature provides even more efficiency, with fully automated data entry into your school MIS software, giving you extra time to manage other tasks and keep up productivity. No longer will you have to manually enter student data such as enrolment information, VisiPoint and your MIS software will take care of it for you.

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Improved safeguarding and security

A wide range of integrations


  • Automated data entry – Save administration staff valuable time.
  • On-demand reports – Get up-to-date information on student activity such as lesson attendance and late registration.
  • Speeds up the enrolment process
  • Integration with access control systems such as Paxton
  • Secure cloud data storage

By connecting VisiPoint to your school MIS, attendance and personnel information is instantly and automatically updated. This logs activity such as late sign-ins, appointments, reasons for lateness, reasons for being taken out of class, timestamps and a record of authorisation.

With a seamless school MIS integration, VisiPoint removes even more paperwork and admin tasks from your daily to-do list.

Improved safeguarding and security

VisiPoint’s school MIS integration also enhances school security and safeguarding measures in a number of ways, including:

  • Seamless integration with access control technology such as Paxton – Track student data and access control with a single ID card.
  • Late registration tracking – Keep track of students signing in to your school late and take appropriate action.
  • Attendance tracking – Ensure your students are in lessons.
  • Report generation – Need to access reports on a specific student’s attendance over the course of a two-week period? We’ve got you covered! Detailed reports also allow your school to align its practices with your students in the most effective possible way.
  • Improved communication throughout the school – Students and staff can communicate with one another quickly and easily.

A wide range of integrations

Here are some of the school management information systems currently compatible with VisiPoint:

If you don’t see your school MIS listed above, that doesn’t mean we can’t integrate with it. Call our friendly team today on +44 (0) 191 341 0016 or get in touch online for further information.

Are you interested in getting hands-on with VisiPoint? Head to to book a demo, or register for a live webinar session where you’ll see our system in action and get the chance to ask any questions, here. Need some more convincing? Click here to see more benefits for schools.


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