April 10

Why an Evacuation List is Vital to School Security (Infographic)


A detailed evacuation list is essential to good school evacuation procedures.

Disasters such as fire, crime and even terrorism are – sadly – an ever-present concern for schools.

The priority in any crisis is ensuring everyone gets to safety, quickly. To do this you need a defined and workable school evacuation procedures in place.

This evacuation plan should clearly lay out the steps you need to take when it comes to evacuating your school. A vital step in this process is generating an evacuation list. This is essential for a number of reasons, which we’ve laid out in this infographic:

Reducing confusion

An evacuation can be a confusing, stressful experience. It’s easy to lose track of what’s going on in the event of an emergency.

A clear list of exactly who is on site provides clarity in this situation.

Increasing efficiency

Saving time while evacuating can be the difference between life and death in an emergency.

There’s no need to print off an evacuation list or fumble around trying to find a paper visitor book. With a visitor management system, you have instant access to a list of everyone on site, including a photo to help with identification. This can save you vital time, and potentially save lives.

Improved accessibility

With conventional paper evacuation lists, accessibility is an issue. They tend to be located in one place within a building, and that place might not be accessible in the event of a fire.

VisiPoint’s evacuation list feature makes it simple to generate an evacuation list for the building of your choice from a phone, tablet or computer.

Tracking multiple buildings

Evacuating multiple buildings or sites using paper evacuation lists can be problematic.

Let’s imagine a scenario. A school is laid out over multiple sites, but only the main school building has a reception area where you can sign in. Someone signs in at the main school building, then moves to another building.

Then, a fire breaks out at one of the school buildings, and the whole school needs to be evacuated. As far as reception staff are aware, that person is still in the building with the main reception. A visitor management system in each building can be used to generate evacuation lists for individual sites. This gives you a much better idea of where everyone is across multiple buildings.


A clear plan and a focused mindset can make the difference between life and death in an emergency. We hope this has emphasised the importance of keeping an evacuation list in your school.

If you’re in need of a system that makes it quick and easy to generate a full evacuation list, VisiPoint is a great choice! Contact us today to arrange a demonstration from one of our experts.


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