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Work Smarter, Not Harder: How to Boost Productivity in the Workplace


Boost productivity in the workplace without the risk of burnout or crunch periods with these handy tips.

Whichever sector of the economy you operate in, working smarter is the key to future success. As any savvy CEO, business owner, company director or office manager will tell you, it is only by investing in modern technology that you will be able to sustain the levels of productivity you will need in the future. Of course, you can boost productivity in the workplace by incentivising people in certain ways. However, all of the incentives in the world won’t make any difference unless your staff are given the tools to do the job more efficiently in the first place. This is why today’s technological developments are currently the best way to boost productivity in the workplace and why future innovations are also going to place such an emphasis on greater gains from work outputs.

Harness software to monitor employee productivity

Because so much work is completed using computers in offices nowadays, deploying monitoring software that checks on what employees are doing makes a lot of sense when you are seeking to boost productivity in the workplace. Don’t think of this as spying on your employees. It should really be about checking how much output they have achieved in a given amount of time and limiting access, for example, to things like social media which have a negative impact on productivity. Even in situations where work is completed without computers, such as on production lines, today’s software tools allow you to monitor outcomes from daily workloads to continue to analyse who is performing well and – crucially – who is not.

Install access control systems for greater productiveness

If part of your normal business operation relies on people coming in and out of your premises, for example, to make deliveries, to collaborate with your staff or even to access your company’s services as customers, then controlling who can go where is time-consuming. In many businesses, reception staff need to check someone in, issue a pass, find a member of the team to accompany the visitor and ensure that they have left when the visit is over. All of these processes can be fully automated right now thanks to technology like wearable RFIDs. This radio frequency technology monitors not just who is on your site but where they are at any given time. One person can monitor all of your visitors from a secure point of view without any need to tie up other staff members and take them away from what they should be doing.

Wearable RFID is one of the best ways to boost productivity in the workplace right now and can do so whilst enhancing your current security measures. This sort of technology is widely used in businesses within the corporate sector but it is also a superb way for places of education, such as further education colleges and universities, to boost the productivity of their teaching because teaching staff are no longer required to accompany visitors and can get on with the job of educating. Likewise, business and conference centres, as well as places like hospitals, can all receive a boost to their productivity by simply focusing on this area.

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Looking to integrate your access control and visitor management technology? Find out how in our blog on integrating visitor management with access control.

Work smarter With flexible and agile solutions

There can be little doubt that the rise in mobile technology has changed the world for many people. Handheld personal smart devices are now capable of doing so much that it is hard to think of the time before we had these tools. And yet, so many enterprises still fail to make use of them to boost their workplace productivity. In particular, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) seem to resist the idea that their employees can be more productive, not less, if they are given the opportunity to work in a more flexible manner. Of course, working from home compared to, say, heading into the office every day does mean that a certain self-discipline with work is required. Having said that, numerous studies have shown that when people can choose between office work and completing their tasks at home that they tend to produce better outcomes with the latter.

Modern mobile technology should mean that all employees who are away from the office are no slower in accessing all of the business records and database information they need than someone who is working from your headquarters. In fact, because a home worker has not had to fight their way into your office by commuting on a congested road or an overcrowded train, they are more likely to be in a better frame of mind to work hard and be ready to go at the allotted time. In addition, business owners should note that employees who are not offered flexible working patterns which offer them a better work-life balance are more likely to leave for an employer who can provide them with this. Given that to boost productivity in the workplace successfully means retaining your best and most productive staff, you should think about the negative impact of high rates of staff turnover by refusing to allow for a more agile way of working that really makes use of the sort of technology available today.

Make use of automation in customer relations

Many customer relationship management systems (CRM) provide businesses with some degree of automation these days. A common example would be the way in which customer information pops onto a call receiver’s screen before they answer so that they can personalise their greeting and even start delving into what the call is likely to be about. This means that staff members can really tailor their call to the customer’s needs in the most appropriate manner and, of course, work in a more time efficient manner. Rolled out successfully, this means fewer staff are needed to do the same job which will boost your company’s productivity. Automation in managing customers’ enquiries can also be deployed in areas like chatbots which respond to online enquiries by harnessing the power of automated intelligence algorithms which are tailored to your particular business requirements.

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