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To set up an RFID card, an administrator will first need to follow these steps to give staff permission and generate a pin code. The staff member can then use this pin on the terminal to integrate with VisiPoint.

How staff use their pin on the VisiPoint terminal

Once a staff member has their pin code, they can set up their card for use on VisiPoint terminals by following these steps:

  1. The staff member should present the card to the tablet or kiosk – in the section of the screen which says ‘Card Reader’
  2. A message will appear ‘Card not recognised’.
  3. Underneath the screen will read ‘Do you have pin code?’ The user should hit the next button and enter their pin.
  4. This will sign the staff member in and their card is now married up for future use.

When the staff member comes to sign out, they just need to present the card to the reader and they will hear a ‘Goodbye’ message, accompanied by confirmation of sign-out on screen. When the staff member next signs in, they’ll hear a ‘Welcome’ message and the screen will confirm successful sign-in.

If you experience any issues with RFID, take note of the process that you followed immediately before the error and contact a member of the Visipoint support team. You can contact the tech support team at +44 (0) 191 341 0016.

What is this feature?

Every VisiPoint terminal comes with a built-in RFID reader (125 KHz, 13.56 MHz frequency). Your existing access control system may match this frequency, and if not we can switch the component to a compatible reader in 90% of cases.

Running any RFID card or fob across the indicated area on the front of the terminal will cause a reaction – normally in the form of a sound and a message saying that the card isn’t recognised. Unless of course this card has already been set up for use with a staff member on VisiPoint.

If you’d like to start using this access control integration please contact the sales team on + 44 (0) 191 341 0016.

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