Setting Up RFID Cards for Staff

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RFID cards are a quick way for staff members to sign in and out. Before a staff member uses their access card or fob for the first time, you’ll need to marry the RFID card to the staff member within the VisiPoint dashboard. Staff only have to match the card to the VisiPoint kiosk or tablet, using the pin, once – then they can use the card from then on to sign-in/out seamlessly.

There’s 2 ways which you can give permissions to staff – from their profile or through RFID Manager.


Staff Profile

You can grant staff members permission to use RFID when you first add them, or at any time later.

  1. Select staff from left-hand menu.
  2. Search the appropriate staff member and click their name.
  3. Toggle the ‘Allow RFID’ button to Yes.
  4. This produces a unique 4 digit pin for that staff member. In their profile, you will see their pin.
  5. Hit ‘Save Changes’ button. This takes you back to staff list.
  6. Select staff member once again from the list. You will then see an option ‘Send RFID Pin’ – this automatically sends an email from VisiPoint with their RFID pin.


RFID Manager

Select ‘Manage Staff RFID’ from the left hand menu. Here you have three main sections, which you can see in the example below:


From ‘Staff not allowed to use RFID’ section, you can grant RFID permission for a single staff member using the button next to their name, or the green ‘Activate All’ button above . ‘Activate and Send Email’ automatically sends their pin from VisiPoint.

In this section, admins can:

  • Deactivate RFID permission – for example if a staff member leaves
  • Regenerate pin – if a staff member loses their card and gets a new one
  • See who has successfully married their card to VisiPoint using their pin – in the ‘Staff who have activated their RFID card’ section
  • See a list of staff who are yet to activate their card using their PIN – in the ‘Staff who have not activated their RFID card yet’ section

If you regenerate the pin for any reason, the staff member will need to enter their new PIN the next time they present the card to the terminal.


Pairing the card with VisiPoint

  1. The staff member should present the card to the tablet or kiosk – in the section of the screen which says ‘Card Reader’
  2. A message will appear ‘Card not recognised’.
  3. Underneath the screen will read ‘Do you have pin code?’ The user should hit the next button and enter their pin.
  4. This will sign the staff member in and their card is now married up for future use.

When the staff member comes to sign out, they just need to present the card to the reader and they will hear a ‘Goodbye’ message, accompanied with confirmation of sign-out on screen. When the staff member next signs in, they’ll hear a ‘Welcome’ message and the screen will confirm successful sign-in.

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