VisiPoint visitor management system is a self-service, sign-in solution that complements your organisation's reception. It provides best-in-class site security, visitor tracking, ID management and reporting.

What is VisiPoint?

VisiPoint is a visitor management system that replaces the old-fashioned visitor book used at reception. It streamlines the sign-in process and allows your organisation to present a modern and professional image. It also offers staff sign-in functionality and contractor management, so you can profit from an all-in-one reception management system. 

Impress your visitors with a modern visitor management system, while saving time and resources, with the latest technology from the world of visitor management.

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VisiPoint provides you with complete log history, reports and real-time dashboard on any device

Find out how VisiPoint benefits your sector...


Improve your safeguarding and go paperless


Empower your reception with current and expected visitors

Business Centres

Manage all tenant and visitor activity from anywhere

VisiPoint Software

Real-time Dashboard and Extensive Reports

The VisiPoint Dashboard is a web-based management suite that can be accessed from any laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile device. Use it to monitor and manage your premises from anywhere, at any time.

The Dashboard give you the ability to generate real-time reports for staff, visitors and contractors in just a few seconds - saving an enormous amount of time and effort!

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