April 16

5 Great Tools for Educational Facilities Management


If you’re running a school it’s likely you’re trying to do a million jobs at once at all times. Do you find yourself struggling to keep up with everything that goes on within your school?

This is why you needĀ educational facilities management systems in place. We’ve collated some of the best tools you can use to more effectively manage your school:

Timetable management

Fluid timetabling is essential to your school operating smoothly. You need students and teachers to be on the same page when it comes to scheduling lessons.

One such system is Timetabler. This system aims to automate many of the admin aspects of the timetabling process so you can focus on creating them to the highest possible standard.

Attendance tracking

Similarly, a system to keep track of attendance letsĀ  you take on everyday school admin processes quickly and easily.

Chalk is a great example of this. It takes the traditional roll-call process and automates the boring parts. It syncs to the cloud so all your records are available in seconds. Chalk also gives you school-wide attendance insights so you can get the whole picture of your school.

Financial management

It’s almost absurd to expect transactions to be done anywhere but online these days. That’s why your school needs a system to manage its finances and invoices. That’s where Xero comes in, an accounting platform that saves on time and paperwork.

If you’re finding yourself struggling to e

Learning tools

Technology has changed the way students learn, and an important part of managing a school effectively is making learning engaging.

Popular tools include Quizlet, which allow students to collaborate on educational games and create flashcards. There’s also Padlet, a collaborative tool for teachers and students to information, resources, images and more.

Visitor management

To ensure you school’s safety and security, you need to keep track of everyone coming in and out of the building throughout the day. A visitor management system such as VisiPoint is a great example of this and one of the best tools available forĀ educational facilities management.

VisiPoint saves you time on admin work and money on paper visitor books over time. It also helps safeguard your school, as you can keep track of everyone coming and going throughout the day. VisiPoint also lets you generate evacuation lists for your school in the event of an emergency.


If you like what you’ve read about VisiPoint and are interested in using it for your educational facilities management, Get in touch with our experts for a consultation.


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