March 20

7 Office Management Tools Every Office Manager Needs in 2019


Office managers oversee a huge variety of tasks and responsibilities. From managing workflows, scheduling meetings, and handling invoicing, the list is endless. So how do you manage these tasks in an efficient and effective way? By using office management tools! Here are 7 to get you started:

1. Social Media Management Tool

Social media management tools help you stay organised with managing the social media accounts of your company. It allows you to stay connected with your target audience and lets you communicate with them in an efficient way.

Social Report is an example of a great social media management tool. It allows you to manage multiple accounts on the one platform, saving you the time and effort of logging in and out of multiple accounts. You can schedule posts ahead of time and edit or delete your existing posts too.

2. File Sharing

File sharing tools make it easy to store, send, and share files with multiple people in your office. You no longer have to send large attachments in emails, which take a long time to download.

Dropbox lets you store documents securely in one place and anybody in your office who has been granted access can view the files. They can upload files to the one location and it will be synced with everybody else’s computer. The benefit of this is that they can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. It’s especially useful for companies who hire remote workers and freelancers.

3. Office Productivity Software

Office productivity software helps office managers and their workers produce information such as spreadsheets, documents, presentations, graphs, databases, and more to achieve your business goals.

G Suite from Google is an all-in-one cloud-based office productivity platform. Their tools include docs, sheets, drive, calendar, and more. The benefit of using G Suite is that it’s cloud-based making it extremely useful for collaboration between workers.

4. Online Meetings and Conferences

Web conferencing software enables people to communicate through video and audio using the internet. If you’re an office manager who works for a company with multiple branches then using this helps you hold meeting with multiple people in different locations.

Google Hangouts give you the ability to do this via video, text, or voice. Using this software will help office managers save time and money on travel expenses. It’s one of many office management tools that is necessary in the age of the internet.

5. Project Management Tool

A daily to-do list might suffice for simple tasks but if you’re an office manager you’re probably managing multiple projects with many tasks assigned to each one. You need a platform to keep track of everything that is happening.

This is where project management tools come in. Bitrix is a project management tool that allows you to create visual overviews, custom workflows, and communicate with your team members. This ensures that tasks are being completed and your projects are on schedule to be delivered on time.

6. Invoicing Software

Invoicing software helps you keep track of all your invoices, their due dates, whether they’ve been paid or are still outstanding, and even if a customer has opened their invoice.

Xero is an example of such software that aims to cut down on paperwork by automating bank transaction imports, reconciliation, payments and much more.

7. Visitor Management Tool

Visitor management tools help to track the people who enter your office building, whether they are a delivery person, visitor, or a job applicant. Where this has been managed traditionally for many years (guest book, binder, paper and pen), the process has been streamlined with visitor management software.

Visipoint is a visitor management tool that gives you a professional paperless reception, real-time data on visitors on your premises, instant reporting on current and past visitors, and the ability to print a high-quality photo ID badge. It makes the job of managing visitors much easier.


Using these 7 office management tools will make your life as an office manager so much easier. If your office is still using a paper visitor book, then consider using a sign in system for office such as Visipoint. Find out more about how Visipoint can help you manage your visitors by requesting an info pack.


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