January 14

The Key Benefits of a College Visitor Management Solution


When you think of a college, you probably think of a busy, bustling campus full of life. Whether they are there to learn, to teach, or just to take a look around, there is a constant stream of people coming and going. While this creates a fantastic social environment with plenty of opportunities to meet new people, it does mean that some sort of college visitor management solution is essential.

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There is a lot of admin involved when using paper sign-in books. Records will need to be kept, which involves wasted time spent filing paper sheets, as well as wasted storage space and a waste of resources. New sheets need to be printed regularly, pens need to be working and available, and the front desk team need to ensure the sign-in book has been left neatly to avoid the reception area becoming untidy. While these are all fairly small tasks in themselves, together they add up to hours of wasted time that could be spent on other more important things. When utilising a digital system for college visitor management, all of these problems are alleviated. Records are kept digitally, nothing needs to be printed, and there are no pens to run out!

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A messy front desk immediately gives visitors a poor impression of your college. Removing paper sign-in sheets is an easy way to keep the place tidy and give a more professional look. Opting for larger kiosk sign-in stations also gives the opportunity to add additional features such as wayfinding, improving the experience for both visitors and students as they can navigate the campus more easily and find their way to the correct buildings.

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Using reams of paper isn’t good for the environment (or for your budget!). Switching to a digital solution will not only lower your overheads but will also help save the planet. It’s not just trees that are destroyed to create a paper sign-in book, each sheet of A4 paper takes nearly half a litre of water to produce. That’s just for one sheet! It’s the future of your students that is at stake, so they’ll be sure to thank you for switching to a more environmentally conscious option.

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In a large building with lots of people, ensuring proper fire safety is vital. Without proper visitor management, it is impossible for the fire marshals to know who is still in the building. This can be catastrophic in an emergency as it means firefighters could waste time and risk their lives searching for people who have already left the building, or worse still they may assume the building is clear when there are still people trapped inside. With a proper college visitor management system, the fire marshals can quickly see who is still in the building, and can even see where in the building they are.

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college meetingNo one likes to be kept waiting. Whether you’re hosting a meeting or attending one, you want to start as promptly as possible. A good college visitor management system will alert hosts when their guests arrive and allow the guest to sign in quickly and easily. The host can even enter the guest’s details ahead of time, meaning all the guest has to do when they arrive is scan a QR code from their emails.

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With the introduction of GDPR and the growing expectation of privacy and confidentiality, paper sign-in books are quickly becoming a relic of the past. A digital sign-in system allows visitors to keep their personal information away from prying eyes while ensuring your college remains GDPR compliant. Systems such as VisiPoint store your data securely in the cloud using EU servers, giving you the peace of mind that your data is safe.

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If you’re looking for a college visitor management system that offers all of these benefits and more, look no further than VisiPoint. Get in touch today to find out more.


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