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The Types of School Visitors, and How to Manage Them


Every school is dependant on the visiting personnel from many different departments to ensure it retains a high level of coordination and efficiency. The numerous types of school visitors can include van drivers delivering supplies, temporary teachers, or workers who need to carry out essential maintenance repairs. If you are a school receptionist or administrator you’ll be all too familiar with the demands on your time when half a dozen of them decide to turn up at once, particularly if you are still signing them in with paper and pen.

Using a sophisticated visitor management system ensures every sign in is not only effortlessly efficient, but a source of invaluable information that enables you to locate visitors at the touch of a button.

To safeguard against unauthorised personnel gaining access to school premises, recording the personal details of every visitor can often be a lengthy, complicated process. A visitor management system guarantees swift, accurate identification of everyone. It takes just minutes for an integral, high resolution camera and printer combined, to quickly issue a visitor badge complete with photograph and barcode that ensures instant identification on signing in or out. A detailed comprehensive record of every visit is maintained in real time, ensuring that a status check permits you to instantly discover where every visitor is to be located.

Contractors And Maintenance Workers

When repair work, particularly an unscheduled emergency, is to be carried out, keeping track of the whereabouts of numerous workers is simplified if you have installed a visitor management system. A specially designed contractor sign in module instantly checks every visitor’s details against the records held with the Criminal Records Bureau. Being reassured that contractors hold the correct certificates such as the removal of harmful asbestos waste in accordance with health and safety requirements, is instantly verified by the management system. With accurate recording of worksheets and schedules, it couldn’t be easier to discover when specific jobs were completed and who was responsible.

Teaching Staff

Whether temporary or permanent, teaching staff can use existing security key fobs against the contactless card reader when signing in and out of the visitor management system. The dashboard and software programme are equally simple to operate and don’t require any specific technical training, making it easy to access real time reports of everyone’s whereabouts.

When practising fire safety measures or in any other emergency that requires evacuation of the building, the software integrates seamlessly between the stand alone kiosk and any smartphone or tablet. This compatibility allows a complete and accurate register to be issued of all the staff and other visitors who are in the building and exactly where they can be located, a function that helps to prevent confusion in times of stress. This potentially life saving facility far exceeds anything that can be achieved with the traditional visitor’s book or register.

OFSTED Inspectors

Of all the types of school visitors you will want to impress, the OFSTED inspector is probably the most important. Presenting an elegant high quality touch screen terminal instead of an antiquated visitors’ book is bound to convey an impression of dedicated professionalism. Sophisticated, streamlined and reliably tamper proof, a visitor management system gives a clear determination to combine technology with practical efficiency. An explanation of all the system’s beneficial functions, including an ecological awareness of eliminating excessive paperwork, will no doubt win approval as a wise allocation of funds.

Every school needs to be vigilant regarding security and the presence of a visitor management terminal is reassuring to both parents and members of staff. Being able to rely on the accurate data regarding visitors’ identities and locations within the building, is an enormous help to those in positions of responsibility and increases their authority.

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