December 21

New in VisiPoint – Control Admin Access By Site and User Type


We’ve just released advanced user access control in VisiPoint which allows you to control admin and employee access to your management dashboard on a granular level, giving you the ability to restrict access to certain areas. You’ll be able to:

  • Restrict access by site e.g. give an employee access to manage your Newcastle office only, with no access to control your London office
  • Limit access by user type e.g. permit your reception team to access settings for your visitors only while giving your HR team control over your staff users

We’ve also introduced a new user role – employee with reporting.

The standard Employee access gives users the ability to schedule their own visits in advance.

Start using Announcements today if you are a current VisiPoint Pro or Enterprise customer! If you’re subscribed to the Lite plan, please contact your account manager or send us a message to upgrade.

If you’re new to VisiPoint, please get in touch with our team for more information and pricing.

Cut down on email overload

Email overload is a serious problem for a lot of employees.

With a constant backlog of incoming emails, your team may find it difficult to filter the important messages and it can distract them from the important tasks at hand.

Announcements in VisiPoint is designed to eliminate all the distractions of an email inbox to ensure your communications that your messages are read, but your team’s productivity is not impacted as they can easily digest the message and refocus on their tasks.

You can learn how to send announcements in this help guide.

And if you don’t have the VisiPoint Passport app yet, what are you waiting for? Download the app from your device’s app store below.

Get instant attention for time-critical alerts

In an emergency every second counts.

With VisiPoint announcements you can mark critical alerts as “Urgent”, to ensure announcements get immediate attention from your staff.

You can also make sure that safety procedures are followed at all times, by making these protocols easy for your team members to access from their phone. You can pin procedures to the top of the announcements list so that staff members can find this information quickly and easily from their pocket.

You can learn how to send announcements in this help guide.

Download the Visipoint Passport app from your device’s app store below.

What’s next

We’re continually developing VisiPoint to bring you the features that are important to you.

Next up we have:

  • Remote sign-in with geofencing – allows employees to sign in from their mobile

If you have requests or suggestions, please submit your ideas here and we’ll look at adding them into our development roadmap.

Need help getting started with your user permissions?

Our online help centre contains full how-to guides and if you have any questions you can contact our support team via the live chat from your VisiPoint dashboard or drop an email to


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