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Why a Touch-Screen Visitor Management System is Perfect for Universities (Infographic)

University and college campuses deal with thousands of people every day, and keeping track of them all is a daunting task to say the least, especially if your university still relies on manual record keeping.

So, how do you manage everyone on your campus, even visitors and contractors? You need a visitor management solution!

Here’s why a touch-screen visitor management system is perfect for universities, colleges and higher education facilities.

Why a visitor management system is perfect for universities and colleges

Interested? Let’s take a deeper look into why a touch-screen visitor management system is ideal for your university campus.

Sign in visitors, students and contractors

Visitors, students and contractors can all be presented with an on-site induction on the visitor management terminal when they first sign in.

Visitors to campus can be pre-registered before they arrive so they can sign in instantly once they’re on site. Alternatively, they can sign in using the touch-screen visitor management terminal quickly and simply by entering a few details.

Students can not only sign in to campus, they can also check into individual lessons using visitor management terminals in each classroom. Simply enter your details when you first arrive on campus and the system will print a unique ID card. The system integrates with student management systems and access control technology, so you can track all your student data and access rooms on campus with one photo ID card.

Contractors can also pre-register and sign in quickly when they arrive on site. You can also display your site’s health and safety policy to contractors before they sign in.

Furthermore, you can set limits on a contractor’s sign-in ability. If you have a contractor coming to your campus and you can give them the appropriate level of access to areas on campus they need, and set time limits. So, if you need to let a contractor access the geography department building for three days, you can give them that exact level of access with the printed ID badge.

Campus navigation made easy

Finding your way around a campus, particularly if you’re a new student, can be incredibly daunting.

Looking for a particular building on campus? VisiPoint has you covered. With a few taps you can find a map with the exact route to your destination, using any of the visitor management terminals on campus. You can also have the map sent to your phone via SMS or email, for the easiest possible access.

Locate staff members on campus

Ever been in desperate need of a particular staff member’s time, but found it impossible to find them on campus? Me too.

With VisiPoint, you can use access a directory of all members of staff and their location on campus, which you can search by staff name, building or department. This feature can also integrate with wayfinding maps, to give you a direct route to that member of staff.

Check in to lessons and book rooms

Using touch-screen visitor management systems in each classroom on campus, students can check in and out of each of the lessons. All of their data is synced, making tracking and reporting easy and comprehensive.

Students can also book rooms in advance to avoid disappointment. This is done using seamless integration with the calendar applications your students are already using, such as Google Calendar and Office 365, so there’s no need to learn any new systems.

Promote events and offers

What your check-in system does when it’s not in use might not be something you would typically consider, but you could be missing out on great marketing opportunities if you don’t.

With a touch-screen visitor management system, you can display adverts on all your inactive terminals across campus. Not only do you have a great way to sign in everyone on campus, you also have a fantastic way to promote events and offers across campus.

Integrate with access control and management systems

I you’re running a university you’re almost certainly already using access control and management systems. It’s essential, then, that your visitor management system integrates with them seamlessly.

If you’re looking for a seamless solution to managing your campus that goes beyond visitor management, VisiPoint is ideal. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation with a member of our expert team.


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