June 13

Automating Administration Tasks With a Visitor Management System


Automation is changing the face of every industry. The first thing one usually thinks of is a kind of robotic assembly, performing repetitive tasks such as assembling machinery or packaging items. Automating administration tasks is not an avenue most consider when looking for ways to streamline the work process, but it is just as effective if not more so than the methods that usually come to mind.

Visitor management refers to the collection and recording of visitor data. Visitor management allows those who are in charge to be aware of exactly who is in the building at any time beyond their usual employees. Traditionally, this means some kind of paper form that guests fill out before they are given a visitor’s badge for the duration of their stay and they will have to sign out when they leave. When it comes to automating administration tasks, the process of visitor management is one of the simplest and most effective.

Visitor management allows those who are in charge to be aware of exactly who is in the building at any time.

Why embrace automation?

Many people regard the existing methods of using pen and paper to be good enough, after all, it simple to use and has been good enough for many years so why replace it when the process of automating administration tasks can seem overly difficult and complex. The key issue is security. When visitors write down their personal information on a printed sheet it leaves that information for all to see. It would be a simple matter for anyone who wishes to gain access to others’ information to claim to be a visitor in order to look at the sheet before fabricating an excuse and leaving. An automated system makes this process much more secure while also presenting a much more professional appearance to any visitors who will feel more confident in the facility.

What are the benefits?

  • The security and professionalism of the visitor sign-in processes are enhanced by a check-in system that safely stores the information digitally.
  • It can assist in emergency situations by instantly providing a list of guests who are in the building in case there is a fire or other reason to evacuate everyone present.
  • It becomes a simple matter to analyse the visitor data to generate reports on various metrics through specialised management software.

A digital system is much tidier than a stack of papers which can be easily misplaced. In the event of loss or damage, it is also much easier to backup a digital system than a physical one. Physical visitor management systems take time to process. One of the key advantages of automating administration tasks is the time saved and this one is no exception.

What are your requirements?

Before making the transition and beginning the process of automating administration tasks, it is important to understand what it is that the new system needs to do.

First, it would be helpful to start with the sector in which the system will be used. Education, corporate and business centres all have very different needs for their systems.

For all of these, it would be best to find a system that is capable of offering a simple to use terminal that can be accessed by visitors, staff and contractors. It should be capable of showing who is in the building at any given moment and also be capable of generating management reports.

No matter what, it will be necessary to find a professional company capable of seeing what a business requires and offering an appropriate solution. Get in touch with one of our expert team to arrange a consultation


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