August 9

Reduce Business Overheads with an Automated Visitor Management System


Discover how an automated visitor management system can help reduce overheads and free up staff time in your business.

Many companies are still using outdated manual visitor signing-in systems, such as name tags and guest books; however, replacing an old paper signing-in book with an automated visitor management system can bring many benefits to a business, saving you money, time and resources. According to the 2017 white paper, The Evolution of Visitor Management, 82% of companies surveyed stated that operational efficiency increased with the use of an automated visitor management system. As well as improving security and reducing risks, a visitor management system that automates reception and admin tasks reduces your running costs, offering an excellent ROI.

Reducing staff costs with a state of the art visitor management system

Staff costs can be reduced with a modern automated visitor registration system. Receptionists and other admin staff are freed from the task of signing in and badging every visitor to the site. This reduces the time they are forced to spend away from the numerous other tasks of running a modern reception area and they can concentrate on giving each visitor a warm welcome. Automating and streamlining visitor registration also means the cost of processing each visitor is reduced, leading to significant cost savings over time. Some costs are more difficult to quantify, for example, those associated with a security breach: these costs are almost eliminated with an automated visitor system.

Saving money on recurring costs

As well as increasing productivity by freeing up staff time, replacing tatty old signing in books with a modern automated system avoids the costs of regularly replacing signing in books and badges. This also enhances the company image, both by ensuring a neat and tidy front desk as well as by allowing reception staff to focus on greeting visitors and directing them to where they need to go rather than wasting time printing out badges.

Saving time signing in with an automated visitor management system

Time is money in any business and signing in time can form a significant cost to a company. with an automated visitor system, staff can sign in quickly and easily while for visitors, pre-registration is possible so that their name badge can be already printed and waiting for them on their arrival.

A system that includes the latest cameras and scanners can accurately record who is on the premises at any given moment, register the arrival of visitors and notify staff immediately so that there is a reduced need for lobby staff.

Improved security with an automated visitor system

The costs of improved security to a company are harder to measure but it is not difficult to envisage the enormous costs that might be involved with a serious breach of security. The safety of your people and the security of your premises is of the highest importance and automated visitor management systems will enable to quickly and accurately identify all your visitors.

An automated visitor system offers an excellent ROI with a better company image and increased staff morale

In today’s challenging economic climate, reducing overheads is a key factor in growing your business. The cost-effectiveness of enhancing the professional image of your reception area and boosting your company’s security is also more difficult to quantify but providing visitors and staff with a warm welcome while ensuring their safety and security will improve staff morale and reducing the costs associated with employee turnover.

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