June 12

Why Visitor Management Systems in Healthcare Facilities are Vital


Visitor management systems have been adopted in so many different sectors, but are few are more safety and security-conscious than healthcare.

Unlike traditional methods, a visitor management system is more efficient and less time-consuming. Health facilities like hospices and care homes handle very critical cases of mostly terminally ill patients. These patients need minimal interference from the outside environment and extra attention from caregivers due to their delicate conditions. Therefore, using a visitor management system is the best thing you can have. So, we’ve listed some of the many benefits that come with a visitor management system in healthcare facilities.

Find out how a visitor management system helps healthcare facilities make the most of their time and resources, so they can go the extra mile with patient care.


Visitor management systems can integrate with security technology, such as ID badges, CCTV cameras and biometrics, which eliminates the need for written information about staff, volunteers and visitors. Once hospices and care homes eliminate the need for manual documentation, it means that they can keep all their information confidential. No unauthorised person can access such information without being granted permission by management.

Identify returning visitors

With visitor management system in healthcare facilities, all the patients and visitors information is saved in the system. This way, any returning visitor can be signed in easily since the system already has their details. In case such a visitor was once a trouble-maker, the security department can be alerted to act instantly. Hospices and care homes also limit the presence of many external interferences that can be caused by a large number of visitors.

In-depth reports

When hospices and care homes use visitor management systems, they store all the information in a database. This way, they can search, analyse and even fetch any visitor’s data at any time easily. Staff members can then generate visitor reports. These reports can then help the health facilities determine the number of times a visitor signed-in or out and which patient they came to see. Such information is very important for security investigations. In case of an emergency in a hospice or care home, such information will help them know which visitors were present during the evacuation.

They increase efficiency and accountability

Since visitor management system in healthcare facilities eliminate the tedious process of manual filing, they increase efficiency for the workers and hospices at large. They do this through CCTV cameras, screening software and scanners. All these help the institutions to register and issue badges to their patients and visitors quickly. The lobby staff can also spend minimal time pre-registering visitors and also get automatic notifications of their arrival. Your staff can identify all those inside the facility using the visitor management system at any time. This will make it easier to detail and study visitor patterns.

Boosts patient satisfaction, staff morale and professionalism

When you empower your staff to welcome visitors warmly, efficiently and in a timely manner, your hospice or care home comes across professional and welcoming. This will help put visitors at ease knowing that their ailing relatives or friends are well taken care of. In the process, you will also be ensuring the safety of your facility and staff with the implementation of a visitor management system in healthcare facilities.

Saves on running costs and resources

Every health facility requires a centralised approach of managing access controls, identities and overall security. All these are vital to any hospice or care home and should, therefore, be given the highest priority. This can easily be achieved using a visitor management system as it integrates them all. When such a system is put into place, it can help ensure that the staff, patients and visitors are granted proper access privileges to allow them to enter the right areas for the specified amount of time. A visitor management system in healthcare facilities automates all the main processes and helps optimise security protocols. It also helps the health facility be compliant with the set regulations and in real-time too.


When it comes to caring for vulnerable and critically ill people, the safety and security of your patients is vital. If you’re looking for a visitor management system for your healthcare facility that offers all of these great features, VisiPoint is ideal. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation with one of our experts.



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