June 10

Optimise Your Front Desk Operations With a Visitor Management System


Across the UK, business and IT managers are increasingly gaining business and organisational advantages by implementing the latest visitor management systems. In this post, we look at how to make the most of these state-of-the-art solutions to streamline your business reception process and present a modern, professional image. If you hold decision-making responsibility for your company or organisation’s reception area, read on. Here, we provide an overview of some valuable timesaving and efficiency-boosting tips to help if you plan to optimise front desk operations through a new visitor management system.

Why Optimise Front Desk Operations?

Principally, the advantages of using systems visitor management systems in reception areas at business, educational and public premises centre on reduced costs and increased efficiency. A market-leading solution such as VisiPoint, for instance, delivers immediate savings, along with effective control and Health and Safety compliance. Imagine the advantages of having a touch-screen, powerful system that ensures systematic, instant and accurate accounting for staff and visitors – including in emergency evacuations. As this sleek new option becomes more popular in the digital era and replaces its paper predecessors, businesses are discovering considerable financial savings, too.

Cloud-based Solutions to Optimise Front Desk Operations

The latest self-service reception systems use cloud-based operation to provide instant backup, without loss of data in emergencies. At a stroke, this leading-edge methodology improves security, reporting and building management through visitor tracking. Truly a state-of-the-art solution that replaces the long-serving but dated paper visitor guestbook, digital sign-in systems present a professional and modern image of your organisation – right from the initial welcome.

Written by software experts and based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, a city at the heart of the new Northern Powerhouse and teeming with enterprising ideas, VisiPoint enables you to see at a glance who is in, who is out and who to expect. Information is accessible with ease at the touch of a screen, either via a sleek, secure kiosk unit or in handy tablet format.

Intuitive Operation, Informative Displays and Instant Results

A built-in RFID tag reader, barcode scanner and badge reader power the paperless reception system and simplify record keeping, while real-time access and intelligent activity reports list people’s comings and goings. Additionally, instant evacuation registers are available via any portable device that has a browser, allowing fire marshals to check nominal rolls, for instance.

Optionally, VisiPoint can also manage staff and contractor sign-ins, thereby combing all your site visitor, employee and time management systems into one. In addition to terms and conditions, the contractor sign-in process is customisable to include essential health and safety questions, with smart screens based on previous answers. Impressively, the software can manage multiple locations and tenants, as well as recurring visits with express check-in.

Intuitive in operation with the ability to print off timesheets, VisiPoint provides automated attendance details and renders ruffled paper sheets and unclear handwriting obsolete. Extensive reporting options give as much or as little detail as required, via a real-time dashboard that is viewable on any device from anywhere in the world – whether on a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Administrators can analyse data down to individual sign-in and sign-out times, along with statistics by the week, month, year or customised intervals.

Your First Step to Optimise Front Desk Operations

Whether your organisation is industrial or commercial, private, public or educational, VisiPoint offers you tangible benefits. Now, join the expanding number of modern workplaces that benefit from the latest digital sign-in solution that adapts with ease to differing requirements, suitable for expanding startups to multi-site magnates. Click hereto find out more and get started today.


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