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Sometimes you’ll need to have a visitor or contractor on site for several days. In this case, you can assign a temporary permit, so the individual can sign in and out for a specific period of time, determined by you. They can keep the same paper badge and use the QR code to sign in on the barcode reader for quick access.

To assign a permit

  1. Select ‘Visitors’ or ‘Contractors’ from the left-hand menu depending on which user type the individual falls into.
  2. Click on the relevant name.
  3. Within their profile, click “View Permit History” in the bottom right.
  4. You’ll see a history of the permits they’ve had in the past. You can also see in the status column whether their permits are valid or have expired.
  5. To add a new permit, hit ‘Add new’.
  6. In ‘Permit Type’ you can use the ‘From-To’ selection which allows you to choose a specific date range. Or you can choose days, for example, if a contractor always comes to sit every Thursday.
  7. Hit ‘Save Changes’
  8. You’ll see a confirmation message in green and the permit appear in the history log.

You can force expire a permit if you want to terminate the permit period early. To do this click the red ‘Expire’ button in the ‘Action’ column.

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