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Why would you use a Custom Field?

Custom Fields gives you the ability to request information bespoke to your needs during the sign-in process. We’ve developed Custom Fields to give you the tools you may need to capture profile or visit information that is not available as a standard field. For example, you could request information such as DBS certificate number, car park space, or Health And Safety certification number.

Profile Information

Profile information is information gathered about the individual. It is a record of the person, with details that will stay the same – such as contact number, car registration or allergies. Due to its nature, profile information only needs to be gathered on the first visit instead of every time an individual visits a premises.

Visit Information

The visit information is captured at the end of the sign-in/out process on the VisiPoint device. It captures information specific to that particular visit so must be captured during every visit to the premises.  It is best used for information such as the car park space occupied by the visitor.

How to Add a Custom Field

Under Accounts and Settings on the left-hand menu, select the Custom Fields option. You’ll see a list of tables which contains a list of the custom fields that have been created by your organisation. You can view, add, edit and delete custom fields from this list at any time.

To add a new custom field:

  1. Click ‘New custom field’
  2. Give the field a name.
  3. Select Field Type. These include:
    – Text – a small box for text entry
    – Switch on/off – a toggle switch, for example, users could confirm consent for data usage with a toggle switch
    – Text Area – a larger box for text entry
    – Date – choose a date from the calendar
    – Number – enter numbers into a field
    – Single Choice – select one option in a drop-down menu (a further field will appear to allow you to set your drop-down options)
    – Multi Choice – select one or more options listed in a drop-down menu (a further field will appear to allow you to set your drop-down options)
  4. Select ‘Show On’ location
    Decide whether the information is profile-specific or visit-specific information.
    – Profile – it will appear at the beginning of the sign-in/sign-out process and will be captured in that user’s dashboard profile.
    – Visit -it will appear at the end of the sign-in/sign-out process.
    If you select visit, 2 further options will appear. These options allow you to choose whether the custom field is a variable that will be shown in reports, and if the custom field should be part of the sign-in process or the sign-out process.
  5. Choose User Type
    Select which user categories see the fields such as visitors or contractors by checking the box next to each user type.
    – Required – Toggle the switch to green if the custom field should be a mandatory field (must be filled in by the user to proceed to the next step)
    – Show On Kiosk – Toggle the switch to green if this field should be shown on the device (there may be some fields that are only added for admins to record in the dashboard in which case you would leave this option switched off)
  6. Hit ‘Save’

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