Creating Custom Fields for Profiles and Visits

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Why would you use a Custom Field?

Custom Fields gives you the ability to request information bespoke to your needs during the sign in process. We’ve developed Custom Fields to give you the tools you may need to:

  • Capture profile specific information that is relevant to your business but is not available as a standard field
  • Capture visit specific information that is relevant to your business but is not available as a standard field

For example, you could request information such as DBS certificate number, car park space, and Health And Safety certifications. 


Profile information is information gathered about the individual. Its a record about the person, with details that will usually stay the same, like their contact details or car registration.


The visit information is captured at the end of a sign in or out process on the VisiPoint device. It captures information specific to that visit, and is best used for things such as which car park space is used by which visitor.

How to Add a Custom Field

  1. Under Accounts and Settings on the left-hand menu, select ‘Custom Fields’
  2. You’ll see a list of fields that have been created and details such as field type and whether it’s a profile or visit field
  3. Click ‘New custom field’
  4. Give the field a name. This will appear on the kiosk or the profile depending on where you want to show the custom field.
  5. Select ‘Show On’ location
    Decide where you want to display the custom field.
    – Profile – it will appear at the beginning of the sign-in/sign-out process and will be captured in that user’s dashboard profile.
    – Visit – it will appear at the end of the sign in/sign out process. You can select if you wish to view this field when generating reports. You can also decide whether or not the field appears when you sign in, or when you sign out. For example you may wish to create a custom field to register a visitor’s car park space number when they sign in, but not when they sign out.
  6. Select Field Type. These include:
    – Text – a small box for text entry
    – Switch on/off – a toggle button for accepting or confirming, such as consent for data usage
    – Text Area – a larger box for text entry
    – Date – Choose a date from a calendar
    – Number – enter numbers into a field
    – Single Choice – one option in a drop down menu
    – Multi Choice – Multiple options listed in a drop down menu
  7. Choose user type. Select which user categories see the fields such as visitors or contractors. Here you’ll also decide whether it’s a mandatory field (required to proceed to next page) and whether this field should be shown on the device (Show On Kiosk) during the sign-in/sign-out process.
  8. Hit ‘Save’

View Custom Fields in Reports

If you’ve selected a Visit field and for the field to show on reports, you can go to Reports from under Favourites in the left-hand menu.

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